Welcome to High School 2024

Doesn’t the time fly!  Soon, your child will be completing a significant milestone – graduating from Primary School. We are excited to invite you to our Welcome to High School Evening to welcome your family into our community.

Beginning secondary school is a big step for children and at Endeavour, we aim to make this transition as smooth and informative as possible.

Your first Transition event is the Welcome to High School Evening to be held Thursday 19 October 2023 at 6:30pm-8:00pm. This evening is an important night for both parents and students, where specific information is presented about our culture, learning framework, practical things like uniforms and laptops, and key events in Year 7. Each family will receive additional information on arrival.

The Endeavour College community looks forward to beginning a partnership with your family and prays that this association will be a blessing as we work together to make your child’s transition to high school successful. And finally, because they will probably ask, your child does not need to wear their school uniform to this event.

The following forms are required to be completed by Thursday 28 September.


Child's Name(Required)
If yes, a copy will be requested separately
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    Max. file size: 16 MB.

    Learning Support

    Does your child have any of the following conditions or considerations
    Are there any Allied Health, educational, psychological or medical assessments which will assist us to support your child
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      If yes, please upload a copy
      Is your child on a One Plan, Negotiated Curriculum Plan or Individual Learning Plan
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      If yes, please upload a copy
      Has your child participated in a learning enrichment program. E.g. extension or academically accelerated.

      School Fees

      Who will be responsible for school fees
      Are you likely to request a fee remission

      Other Information


      Year 7 Camp is held from Wednesday February 14 to Friday February 16, 2024

      Child Name(Required)
      Parent Name/ Guardian(Required)


      All students study the following subjects in Year 7: Christian Living English Geography Health History Mathematics Peer Support Physical Education Science Arts Strand (Visual Art/Drama/Music) Technology Strand (Design and Technology/Digital Technologies/Food Technology)

      Child Name(Required)
      Parent/ Guardian(Required)
      Please select which language your child would like to study. This will remain the selected language until the end of Year 9.
      This initiative allows for one semester of complimentary lessons on a band instrument. Further information will be available during the Transition to High School
      It is desired that every child has a local library card before they commence Year 7. Please identify if your child already has a library card. If your child does not have a library card, a Library Membership will need to be completed


      It is important to understand that the consents given by parents/caregivers on this form will continue for the duration of the student’s schooling at the College unless the College is directly advised otherwise by the parent/caregiver.

      Child's Name(Required)
      Parent/ Guardian(Required)
      MM slash DD slash YYYY
      Local excursions are those in the immediate environs of Mawson Lakes. For any trips or excursions out of the local area, separate permission will be sought for the activity. I consent for my child/children to participate in local excursions under the supervision of a staff member. I accept that in the case of any need for medical assistance or treatment, a staff member will attempt to contact me and follow directions I give or have stated on the Student Medical Form. Where I cannot be contacted, I authorise the staff member in charge to take any action they feel is most appropriate, and I agree to pay ambulance, medical and dental expenses incurred in such an event. I understand and agree that once my consent has been given for local excursions, should I wish to withdraw my consent on this matter, it is my responsibility to notify the College of this decision.
      Included in this approval are events, performances or competitions conducted at the College or in the Mawson Lakes precinct, where the cost is under $20.00. Notice will be given to parents/caregivers beforehand, outlining the nature and cost. If the cost of any single events is over $20.00, or if students are to be transported to another venue, separate parent/caregiver permission will be sought. I consent for my child/children to attend events, performances or participate in competitions held at the College which are considered a compulsory or complimentary part of the curriculum. I understand that I will be advised of forthcoming events and of the cost which will be charged to my family account. I understand and agree that once my consent has been given for participation in events, performances or competitions, should I wish to withdraw my consent on this matter, it is my responsibility to notify the College of this decision.
      From time to time, movies and other media formats may be used as a method to enhance student learning outcomes. I consent for my child/children to watch movies and other media formats rated at the appropriate classification for their age (General (G), Parental Guidance (PG – not recommend for under 15 years without guidance), Mature (M – not recommended for under 15 years)) if required as part of lesson content in various subjects. I understand and agree that once my consent has been given for movies and other media formats, should I wish to withdraw my consent on this matter, it is my responsibility to notify the College of this decision.
      I give my consent to allow my child’s/children's photograph/video (without full name or other identifying information), and any sample work, to be used in print and online promotional, marketing, media, and educational material external of Endeavour College and its educational partners. Licensed under NEALS: The photograph/video may appear in material which will be available to schools and education departments around Australia under the National Educational Access Licence for Schools (NEALS), which is a licence between education departments of the various states and territories, allowing schools to use licenced material wholly and freely for educational purposes. Where specific external media events occur, and photographs / videos of students (with full name and other identifying information) are taken, written approval will be sought directly from parents/caregivers prior to the event. Note that as part of the Endeavour College community, all students are photographed and identified in internal publications such as yearbooks. Once a child has reached the age of 15 years, under the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), they are also able to consent to the release of their personal information (i.e. use of their photography/video image for marketing purposes). The College will seek separate consent from all students within the Senior Years (Years 10 - 12), however it is important to note that should your child choose to give their consent, the College will only use their images if the parent/caregiver has also provided consent. I understand and agree that once my consent has been given for photography/video release, should I wish to withdraw my consent on this matter, it is my responsibility to notify the College of this decision.


      Endeavour College has a duty of care to all students while in the care of the College, and will take such steps as deemed necessary in the event of an incident, or emergency situation to meet our duty of care. This includes the administration of first aid, and/or seeking emergency medical assistance for students. In the event of a medical emergency, the safety and care of our students will always be the first priority, and the College will act to ensure that your child is provided with appropriate first aid and/or emergency medical assistance as required. While every effort will be made to contact a parent/caregiver or emergency contacts, where they cannot be reached, or where deemed necessary, an ambulance may be called before contact is made. In the event of an emergency, parents/caregivers will be liable for any costs incurred for ambulance or other medical expenses for their child where it is not covered by Medicare or the College’s insurance policy.

      Child Name(Required)
      This is the year your child will commence at Endeavour College
      Child's Address
      Mother/ Parent 1/ Caregiver 1
      Father/ Parent 2/ Caregiver 2
      Emergency Contact 1
      Emergency Contact 2
      Medical Conditions requiring a care plan/ medical intervention
      Only complete if applicable
      Please indicate if your child has a Medical Health Care plan associated with the medical condition noted above.
      Max. file size: 16 MB.
      Please upload Medical Health Care Plan if applicable
      Does your child receive prescribed medication?
      If yes, please provide name of medication(s), details of dosage, and possible side effects to watch for.
      Do you require your child's medication to be kept at Student Services? It is strongly recommended that unless a student has a requirement to keep medication with them at all times, that it is stored at Student Services. All medications provided to Student Services should be in their original packaging with expiry date, and doctors instructions clearly labelled. Parents/caregivers have a joint responsibility with the College to ensure that medications kept at Student Services for their child are maintained within their expiry dates, and to ensure that student medications are returned to Student Services where they have been collected for the student attending a camp or excursion.
      Please specify details


      This MCEEDCDY information is required for assessment and reporting purposes.

      Child Name(Required)
      Mother/ Parent 1/ Guardian 1(Required)
      Father/ Parent 2/ Guardian 2(Required)


      Please select
      Please select
      Please select

      Parent Education and Occupation

      Highest level of primary or secondary school completed. If not attended school mark 'Year 9 or below'
      Highest level of primary or secondary school completed. If not attended school mark 'Year 9 or below'
      Please select
      Please select
      Please select
      Please select

      Come and Try Music Afternoon

      Wednesday 01 November 2023. 4:30PM - 6:30PM. This will be held in our Year 7 space. This is an opportunity to hear about our fabulous music program and instrumental tuition including an opportunity for students to 'try' the instruments available.

      Child's Name
      Parent/ Guardian Name
      Please confirm if you are able to attend

      Richard Baird                 Louisa Mulligan

      Principal                           Director Middle Years

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