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Welcome to the 2019 Voyage pages.

By now, as a parent, you would have attended The Departure ceremony that officially started the journey that is The Voyage program. This provided a great shared experience for families and one that won’t be forgotten soon. One of the final activities of The Voyage Program is The Adventure Camp. Held in The Grampians, at the Tandara Lutheran Camp, students are surrounded by immense natural beauty and given every opportunity to learn more about themselves and each other.

The Adventure Camp to The Grampians is an experience that previous Year 9 students have found to be the most challenging and rewarding part of The Voyage program. It is a fantastic opportunity for the students to experience challenges in a supportive environment, try new things, experience some incredible views, build on their friendships and possibly develop new ones throughout the week. The boys and girls camps both focus on the overarching theme of ‘Challenges – how they form our identity’. They will explore what makes them the person they are and how  they contribute to the wider community. This is experienced through physical, emotional and social challenges that the students are faced with throughout The Adventure.

The staff are always amazed with the students’ endurance, resilience and willingness to give all aspects of the camp their best shot. Students will come away from this camp with a sense of personal achievement and an understanding that trying new things outside of their comfort zone will stretch them and lead to personal growth, a life lesson that we can all hold on to and need to be constantly reminded of.

The Arrival – Looking back and Looking ahead: in this ceremony we celebrate the year that was and to look ahead to senior years at Endeavour. At The Arrival, the parents have an opportunity to write a letter back to their children expressing thoughts on how they have grown throughout the year.  This is a graduation from Middle Years at Endeavour College and is a powerful and perfect way to conclude the year.

Click here for Images for Boys (Password Protected – See The Arrival presentation information)

Click here for images for Girls (Password Protected – See The Arrival presentation information)



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