The Adventure Camp 2017

One of the final activities of The Voyage Program is The Adventure Camp. The camp is run for an entire week and is run separately for both boys and girls. The Camp is an empowering experience, which gave our students the freedom to respond to new experiences and test their emotional, physical and mental strength. When given the opportunity to take risks, Year 9’s surprised themselves and each other in the best possible ways. Held in The Grampians, at the Tandara Lutheran Camp, students are surrounded by immense natural beauty and given every opportunity to learn more about themselves and each other.

“I feel that everyone who participated in the camp to Tandara grew as a person. Everyone constantly encouraged each other. If somebody was down or afraid, we all had each other’s back. A lot of new friendships occurred because of this”. Georgia

“Everyone in my group gave everything a go and stretched their comfort zones. I have grown my relationships with people I didn’t think I would. This camp brought us all together and challenged us but in the end, we got a lot out of it”. Bella

“Personally, I really enjoyed camp. I think it was a great opportunity to do things you may only get to do once and I am glad I went”. Jazzmine

“Camp was a great bonding experience because everyone was encouraging each other and supporting one another. Even though people were scared to do activities, they gave it a go and they enjoyed it. Some even overcame their fears”. Rachel

“Year 9 camp would definitely be one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Five days of exhilaration, enthusiasm and excitement made each and every one of the girls grow to be encouraging, confident and strong women. If it was the solo camping, the kookaburra or the leap of faith all of us learned teamwork. Abseiling, rock climbing, high ropes and hikes were some of the challenges that people had trouble with; however, the attitude that we all carried made everyone feel comfortable. The teachers also made the environment a whole lot more fun and exciting. There was not a time where I felt I was discouraged and I felt like everyone felt the same way. Thank you all for the amazing time. I love you all”.  Marcia


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