A whole new way to see our College – Introducing EC360

In 2017, a group of innovative and committed students embarked on a journey to improve Endeavour College. The charter was simple, they identified a need in our community and set about meeting it.

This need was for new students to our school to be able to orientate around our College with ease. The solution was a 360 degree tour of our College, hosted on a platform accessible to students and College families. The solution simple in theory, yet it was the learning that took place and the work that was invested which was the real outcome.

The make-up of the group of students has changed and moulded as needs changed, but there was always one common goal, their desire to develop and improve the product. The 360 Tour rivals any Google Map and provides added details for each room, including subject information and contact details.

At Endeavour College, we as teachers are guided by four key learning principles; Purposeful, Risk taking, Shared Responsibility and Inclusivity. The project the students undertook entailed all these principles but didn’t require us to teach!

The students found purpose by developing skills and knowledge in a new area, 360 photography. The software program used was very new and the students had to write their own help files. The project was truly Purposeful, not only in its application but also in its development.

The students took risks by contacting suppliers, overcoming challenges when things did not go to plan and showing persistence when they came in on their school holidays to take photos of the College, minus the students. In a society where young people often don’t get the opportunity to communicate with adults as an equal, the Risk Taking was high, but the benefits to the students into the future were immense.

We encourage students to take ownership of their learning through Shared Responsibility and this was certainly the case with this project. Not only did the students take ownership of their learning, they took ownership of the product created. Regular presentations to staff demonstrated their product and when new members joined the group, they were trained and supported by other group members.

With any learning situation, there is a need to be inclusive of all learners. The mentoring and support provided by group members and willingness to share their journey with others, was a highlight of the project. Inclusivity is a principle that we don’t just need to demonstrate as teachers, it is a principle we need to encourage in our students.

In an environment where soft skills such as entrepreneurship are encouraged in education, work and life, these students have not only demonstrated the skills but have an amazing product to show for it.

We would like to acknowledge the Association of Independent Schools SA who planted the seed and supported this project through the establishment of a relationship with Dr. Yong Zhao, an internationally recognised scholar in entrepreneurial learning in schools.

If you want to see the product for yourself it can be located at:



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