Rudolph Project: EC 360

The Rudolph Project is part of an effort to make learning experiences more individual and cater to students’ needs. We were given a task to try and identify a difficulty that students were facing, as part of an endeavour to make schools better all around the world.

After careful consideration, we decided that the transition from primary school to high school is a daunting experience for most and that developing an app having all the required information would help the students become more comfortable with the school.

While planning such an app, we also looked at the possibility of creating an online 3D virtual tour of the school that could be used by students to acquaint themselves with the campus. After careful consideration, we reached the conclusion that a 3D tour would be best suited to the students’ needs. To make such a 3D-tour possible, we have bought a special camera that can take 360-degree images. We will start taking images for this 3D-tour soon.

M. Faraz Mangi 
Rudolph Project contributor and Year 9 Student


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