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    Learning Support

    Does your child have any of the following conditions or considerations
    Are there any Allied Health, educational, psychological or medical assessments which will assist us to support your child
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      Is your child on a One Plan, Negotiated Curriculum Plan or Individual Learning Plan
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      Has your child participated in a learning enrichment program. E.g. extension or academically accelerated.

      School Fees

      Who will be responsible for school fees
      Are you likely to request a fee remission

      Other Information


      Endeavour College has a duty of care to all students while in the care of the College, and will take such steps as deemed necessary in the event of an incident, or emergency situation to meet our duty of care. This includes the administration of first aid, and/or seeking emergency medical assistance for students. In the event of a medical emergency, the safety and care of our students will always be the first priority, and the College will act to ensure that your child is provided with appropriate first aid and/or emergency medical assistance as required. While every effort will be made to contact a parent/caregiver or emergency contacts, where they cannot be reached, or where deemed necessary, an ambulance may be called before contact is made. In the event of an emergency, parents/caregivers will be liable for any costs incurred for ambulance or other medical expenses for their child where it is not covered by Medicare or the College’s insurance policy.

      Child Name(Required)
      This is the year your child will commence at Endeavour College
      Child's Address
      Mother/ Parent 1/ Caregiver 1
      Father/ Parent 2/ Caregiver 2
      Emergency Contact 1
      Emergency Contact 2
      Medical Conditions requiring a care plan/ medical intervention
      Only complete if applicable
      Please indicate if your child has a Medical Health Care plan associated with the medical condition noted above.
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      Please upload Medical Health Care Plan if applicable
      Does your child receive prescribed medication?
      If yes, please provide name of medication(s), details of dosage, and possible side effects to watch for.
      Do you require your child's medication to be kept at Student Services? It is strongly recommended that unless a student has a requirement to keep medication with them at all times, that it is stored at Student Services. All medications provided to Student Services should be in their original packaging with expiry date, and doctors instructions clearly labelled. Parents/caregivers have a joint responsibility with the College to ensure that medications kept at Student Services for their child are maintained within their expiry dates, and to ensure that student medications are returned to Student Services where they have been collected for the student attending a camp or excursion.
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