Year 9 and 10 Band Tour

On Monday 31 July and Wednesday 9 August, the Year 9 Band, with some help from a few Year 10s, got on a bus with our instruments and went to two of our Connected Schools Good Shepherd Para Vista and Golden Grove Lutheran Primary. We played various pieces that we have been learning in Music and it was cool to be able to share what we have been learning with younger students. Some of the pieces included a superheroes medley and the ‘Sesame Street Theme’, which the children recognised and enjoyed.

We ran the concert ourselves with various interactive segments, and it was great seeing the children getting involved and answering the questions. Seeing them enjoying the performance, bouncing around in their chairs and leaving the room with big smiles on their faces was awesome!

We finished our tour with an in-house performance to our own Year 7s students at Endeavour. All three performances were a great opportunity to share what we love doing, with others and perhaps even inspire them to take up a musical instrument if they get the opportunity. Overall, it was an amazing experience and everyone had a lot of fun.

Check out the Live Feed Video from the Connected Schools Facebook Page

Rachel Pfeiffer and Meaghan Koch
Year 9 Music students

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