Pastoral Care

Love + Courage + Forgiveness + Hope

As a Christian College and community, we take education that step further by helping our students with their spiritual and personal development.

Our dynamic Christian Living program provides students with experiences to explore and develop their understanding of the Christian faith, enriching their own principles and beliefs, in a nurturing and caring environment.

Our role is to help young people on their journey of personal growth, maturity and education.  

Through activities such as cross cultural service trips, worship opportunities and personal reflection— students are encouraged to consider the role and contribution they can make towards creating a more just, harmonious and compassionate world. We truly are creating positive leaders for the future.

The Endeavour Way

As a community, it is our role to help young people on a journey of personal growth and maturity. Our dynamic programs provide students with experiences to explore and develop their understanding of their faith while enriching their own values and beliefs. At Endeavour we are committed to a core set of values in relation to the development of student engagement and behaviour known as The Endeavour Way  which reflects living and learning in Grace:


I am committed to:
Acting respectfully towards all people and property
Accepting others and valuing their differences
Valuing the school as a place of learning


I am committed to:
Achieving to the best of my abilities
Participating in school activities - give it a go!
Making my learning a priority


I am committed to:
Aiming to forgive myself and others
Seeking improvement in my work
Using opportunities to rebuild relationships


I am committed to:
Developing my God-Given abilities
Building positive relationships
Investing in my future by being 'prepared' to learn


“Endeavour has quite a large emphasis on the Christian faith; with weekly chapel services, a worship time held once or twice a month, and a devotion during the assemblies held every couple of weeks. This is the aspect that has allowed me to grow in my faith but I am sure it will help my family and friends too.” Joel Schiller, Class of 2016.

Mawson Lakes Community Church is one of our ministry partners and offers a spiritual home to our staff, students and families.

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