Middle Years

Middle Years Schooling

Years 7 to 9 are considered ‘Middle Years’ at Endeavour College. This special time of schooling is one of personal growth and forming of self-identity, so we do our best to foster and support that in every one of our students, with our transition program.

We recognise and value the important aspects of transition as students move from primary school into secondary school, help students learn effectively, and best prepare themselves for their senior schooling and beyond. We acknowledge the vital importance of providing a nurturing and supportive environment during this unique phase as they navigate their way from childhood to adolescence.

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Download the Middle Years Curriculum Guide 2024 here

Endeavour College promotes curiosity, a desire to learn, flexibility in assessment and discovery opportunities and we have structured the environment and undertake best practice teaching methodologies, processes and ethos to ensure we develop:

  • successful, self-motivated learners
  • confidence and resilience
  • strong sense of identity
  • respect and compassion for others
  • individual responsibility for their own work
  • accelerated learning
  • a desire to extend themselves.

Because we focus on the learner, we provide:

  • core focus teachers who work closely with students and their families
  • a broad curriculum
  • service learning opportunities
  • leading technology
  • purpose-built Middle Years Centre
  • specialist food technology area and science labs
  • design and technology centre
  • performance stage
  • well equipped gymnasium
  • structured and unstructured spaces
  • décor that allows for a multitude of activities.

Our expert staff allocated to the students include:

  • specialist Middle Years teachers (in addition to specialist topic teachers)
  • Director of Middle Years
  • Year Level Leader.

Class structure

Year 7: one teacher, two-thirds of their time with the same class.

Year 8: start to incorporate more teachers into their daily lesson plan.

Year 9: a wide variety of teachers.

A structured timetable is introduced in Year 7, preparing students for the planning of secondary schooling.

Gifted and talented, adaptive education, laptop, and extracurricular programs are implemented at these year levels.

At Endeavour College we believe that God has a plan for each one of us and our aim is to
support all students to reach their potential.


This fundamental time of change can set a person up for their lifetime, that’s why we do not take this responsibility lightly. This is a time when students develop a foundation for their:

  • rational and concrete thinking
  • analysis and reflection skills
  • comprehension of consequences
  • learned balance between working independently and collaboratively.


Download our Learning at Endeavour Booklet to find out more about our curriculum


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