Vision for Learning

Exploring together… part of the adventure
Exploring together… part of creating the future

Our educational offerings are driven by four guiding pedagogical principles:

  • Purposeful: meaningful connections between learning and our students’ worlds.
    This occurs when our students make meaning and transfer their learning to contexts beyond the classroom.
  • Risk taking: encouraging students to be innovative and persistent all within a supportive environment.
    In our classrooms, learners are more likely to reach their potential when they are supported to take risks.
  • Shared responsibility: students take ownership of their learning and they are accountable to themselves and each other. Students are offered choice and active learning is supported; students observe and learn from each other.
  • Inclusivity: a high value on diversity where we cater for the needs of all our learners.
    We understand that all learners have an equal right to education and all learn differently.

This unique way of educating, which we have named our Vision for Learning, is fundamental to our ethos and forms the rich foundation for services.

‘It is an honour to work with staff and partners to ensure our students are prepared academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually to enable them to contribute in a meaningful way to the world beyond the school gates,’ Heather Vogt, Principal

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