Year 7 Japanese Calligraphy

The focus for the first semester of Year 7 Japanese is on literacy, with students working towards gaining proficiency in all 46 hiragana characters. We have also been learning some katakana characters, which are used for words that are not of Japanese origin. All of our students have been learning how to write their names using katakana.

On June 15 both Year 7 Japanese classes participated in a special calligraphy incursion in the Art room. After practising

the stroke order of the characters in their names, students learnt the way to write their names in Japanese calligraphy. We were fortunate to have the assistance of student teacher Chihiro Sakamoto, who showed students the correct way to hold the brush and some basic techniques. We also learnt about the importance of quiet focus during calligraphy and played traditional music in the background while students worked.

At first, students found using brush and ink incredibly difficult, but with practice and much reflection on their work, they improved considerably in a short space of time. It was lovely to see student assisting and encouraging each other, giving suggestions for improvement and helping to select their best pieces of work. The final pieces are a wonderful example of the huge amount of learning that has happened in only two terms in Japanese. These will be put proudly on display for Grandparents’ Day next week.

Lisa Katsikitis
Languages Learning Leader

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