Meet the Teacher – Mr Emmett Cashel

The following article on Endeavour College secondary teacher, Mr Emmett Cashel, appeared in the Education section of The Advertiser on Tuesday 27 March 2018.

Meet the Teacher: Emmett Cashel
School: Endeavour College
Role: Secondary Teacher
Number of years in education sector: Four

How do you like to spend your weekends?
Throughout winter, I play football and in summer I like to spend my weekends on the beach to relax.

What are you currently reading?
George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Where did you study secondary teaching?
I studied a Bachelor of Teaching and B Arts at the University of Adelaide.

Who influenced you to become an educator?
I had great teachers when I went through school who were inspiring. I also come from a family of teachers so there were a few major influences when I was growing up.

Why do you like working with young people?
I enjoy seeing them work well with each other and display their creativity in lessons. Each student has their own unique personality which makes the classroom environment great to be involved in.

How do you present your lessons to your students?
I try to incorporate ICT in my lessons where possible. It allows for the students to follow the lesson plan and access different resources to help support their learning style.

Describe your teaching style
I use ICT in the class and work with students 1:1 so I know they understand the aim of the lesson. I have a focus on building positive relationships so the classroom can be a supportive environment.

What do you like the most about teaching?
Working with other staff to create engaging activities for the students to undertake. It is great to see students use critical thinking skills to develop their learning in unique ways.

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