All Fair is foul for Senior Drama Students

Endeavour College’s Year 10 and 11Drama classes, attended a modern imagining of William Shakespeare’s, Macbeth on Tuesday 5 September. Presented by the State Theatre Company, (Adelaide) the production followed the classic tale of the brave, and honourable soldier, Macbeth, who after an encounter with a group of supposed witches is driven by his own ambition to commit great acts of cruelty to gain power. Set against the backdrop of a modern day warzone, this fresh interpretation transformed the timeless tale in all aspects of design, from direction, to set, extracting more meaning from this staple of western literature.

This production confronts its audience, through its startling and disturbing use of direction, its terrifying costuming and its gritty set design, to ask the audience, how far will they let their ambition drive them and whether they have reign over their destiny, and what they truly desire.To have the opportunity to witness such an important production, especially one composed with such elegance and style is truly spectacular. We would like to thank the State Theatre Company for providing us with such well-produced art.

Ahunim Abebe and Ahmed Azhar
Drama Leaders

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