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IMAGE is a theatrical experience which revolves around self-image, body image and who is behind the image that we all long for?

This production is based on the notion that we all have the ability to instantly change and judge any given image immediately, beyond recognition and in some instances, toxically change and follow another’s perception of what is right and what is wrong, what looks good and what does not.

Through a series of enticing vignettes, eleven chameleonic actors will embody multiple characters – a young girl trying to find her identity, a 1930s CEO in charge of the next seasons women’s clothing line, a father who wrestles with change, a single voice that screams and echo’s thoughts that change the path of any given individual.

Today, body image issues are a common problem especially in a society that promotes unrealistic body ideals. How does one not get caught up in comparing oneself to the unrealistic standards that are set by predominately Social media and the world around us? More and more these days Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a psychological issue that involves a misperception of one or more body areas. IMAGE asks who is behind this, and why do we listen. The production asks are you better off amongst the flock, or do you dare take a risk and just embrace yourself for who you are.

With a highly eclectic soundtrack, live singing, dynamic movement pieces with immersive projection design, IMAGE is a dramatic piece not to be missed.


Two performances: 6-7 June at 7pm – Endeavour Centre

Tickets on Sale NOW! $8-$10 via reception at Endeavour College

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