Laptop Program

Endeavour College is a progressive and modern school and we equip our students the best way possible, to support “real world” education through a laptop program that ensures every student has their own personal laptop to use. Information and policies for the program can be found here.

Computers, software, and technology add to their lifelong skill set and make their learning more enjoyable, accessible, and useful. This also affords them the opportunity to exercise responsibility and authentically helps them to take control of their learning whilst enriching their schooling experience through the use of technology.

By providing this necessary device, we are providing students with:

  • IT literacy, setting them up for success on a global scale
  • unlimited opportunities, any time of the day, anywhere
  • the tools they need
  • the opportunity to embrace change (the now and the potential)
  • an educational landscape
  • 24/7 access to online information, class notes and supporting documentation
  • cloud-based collaborative work environments

Is the laptop program compulsory?

Yes, to ensure our students have access to the tools and programs for all classes we do require all students to have their own school issue laptop.

What is included in the laptop purchase?

Laptops are supplied brand new when your child first commences with us, they will receive the laptop, power supply and laptop case. A limited insurance and standard warranty supported by the College and product manufacturer are also included. Laptops will be connected to our wireless infrastructure, providing access to all of the College’s web services. Almost all of the software required will be installed, though some specialist programs may require further licensing.

My child already has a laptop; Can we just use that?

Not at this stage, all students will need to use a supplied College laptop.


Who owns the laptop?

Ultimately the laptop is owned by Endeavour College and ownership transfers to the students at the end of Year 12.

What happens to the laptop if we leave the school before the end of Year 12?

Ownership of the laptop can be transferred to you upon full payment of the laptop levy.



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