School Governance

Our school is governed by a group of passionate people, providing strategic direction and a progressive focus. Our Governing Council includes a positive mix of strong and compassionate people, that hold Endeavour College in good stead and steers us towards a greater light.

Collectively and individually, their focus is on leading the way to an exceptionally well performing school whilst keeping us accountable and in line with a specialised framework that is outlined by the Australian Schools Curriculum Framework.

Each member of our Council brings with them invaluable professional skills and knowledge that can be transferred and that we can really benefit from, making our school not just comply but excel.

Meet the Governing Council

Dr Merryn Ruwoldt (Chairperson)
Leanne Ridsdale (Vice Chair)
John Fielke
Jim Materne
Tim Pfeiffer
Aurora Reid
Karen Schoff
Dallas Zimmer
Pastor Chris Mann

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