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A young school with a rich history

In 1998, Endeavour College was born out of the vision of existing Lutheran sites of learning (Salisbury Lutheran Kindergarten, Good Shepherd, St Paul and Golden Grove Lutheran Primary Schools) to extend Lutheran education in the northern suburbs of Adelaide to secondary level. This K-12 vision for Lutheran education was established adjacent to the University of South Australia in the suburb of Mawson Lakes.

From these humble beginnings with a handful of students, Endeavour College is now blessed with more than 700 students. We are a non-government, co-educational secondary school with a young history and a strong reputation for educating the minds, hearts, and spirits of students in Years 7-12. As a Lutheran school, we are known for offering relevant and educational experiences to empower the knowledge-seeker to develop their God-given gifts and abilities to pursue their curiosity and passions with a sense of independence and purpose. We welcome all people regardless of background, religion, gender or ability and we give every individual the tools, confidence and self-value that they need to thrive with Christian life for decades to come.



To develop our staff and students’ God-given gifts and abilities for LIFE & community

Everything we do at Endeavour College, and how we do it, is a natural extension of our Mission – in a Christian environment, to develop staff and students’ God-given gifts and abilities for life and community. This Mission and  Our Values, that are embodied within The Endeavour Way, inspire our students to grow as individuals, be effective collaborators and contribute to the wider community while finding their place within the world.

As a Lutheran school, we seek to be an inclusive place that offers care and support to all of our community. We integrate our faith in Jesus and his love and grace into all aspects of learning and life at the College. Respecting gifts and differences and valuing each individual, is central to our purpose.

Our curriculum incorporates the requirements of the state education system and is designed to promote healthy development in all aspects of our students’ lives.

Our Values and the Endeavour Way

We believe in our young people and do all we can to support them through these important years of development. We encourage them to take responsibility in all aspects of their lives by following The Endeavour Way. The
Endeavour Way is a framework for living restoratively by using the values of Love, Courage, Forgiveness and Hope.

LOVE – it is about reflecting the unconditional LOVE of God by showing respect, compassion and kindness in our relationships.

COURAGE – it is about accepting that it takes COURAGE to own our behaviour, take responsibility for our actions and share our experiences with others.

FORGIVENESS – it is about showing FORGIVENESS and acceptance towards ourselves and others with grace.

HOPE – it is about resolving issues in a way which brings HOPE to our relationships and instils faith in our capacity to fulfil our God-given abilities.

We aim:

  • To work with families in the development of each child
  • To nurture a spiritual journey, encouraging respect and social justice for all people and our environment
  • To encourage each student in taking responsibility for their learning and behaviour
  • To provide a relevant, engaging and dynamic curriculum that fosters a life-long love of learning
  • To offer an extensive range of opportunities for students to extend their confidence, and student agency and leadership potential
  • To promote joy and enthusiasm in serving the College community and beyond
  • To promote the importance of connections between staff, students and families as members of the wider Endeavour community

About our Campus

Our stunning, light-filled and modern campus offers leading-edge equipment and resources including 3D printers, a well-stocked library, fully equipped science labs and art studios, up to date technology rooms and plenty of space for sport and physical education, ensuring a fully rounded educational experience for any young person.

The central mall area offers a stage and open seating capacity for five hundred people, which is regularly used for school worship and assemblies during the week and for Mawson Lakes Community Church on Sundays. Our major school venue, the Endeavour Centre, can seat up to six hundred and fifty people in theatre mode and is where we hold our performances and events.

Through a rewarding partnership with the University of South Australia, we have access to their facilities and university level resources, well preparing students for a bright future.

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About our Students

You can tell an Endeavour College student immediately. They are the ones committed to success and to fully believing they can be something, do something and live a full, rich and spiritual life. Each valued student contributes to raising our consistently high profile school, something we are proud of and inspired by.

Our students are treated like adults and thus our students possess a unique maturity, without sacrificing their personality, the charm of youth and devotion to the Christian faith. It is not uncommon for people outside our school to view our students as impressive.

A day in the life of Endeavour College

Should you amble through the architecturally designed campus, you might happen upon anything from a class using VR headsets to enhance their learning of geography, to jewellery being expertly designed and then printed using our range of 3D printers, to striking students’ handmade art adorning the walls.

With one sweeping glance, you can immediately tell that Endeavour College is a school for the students, it is almost a home to them, the air rich with community and opportunity.

The respect that is employed by each individual, not only towards the teachers and staff but towards each other is unparalleled and their behaviour– even during the chaos of lunchtime– leaves you feeling that this is a place where a positive and God-driven approach is demonstrable.

Endeavour College: where all gifts are valued and fostered.


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Endeavour College

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Proudly located on the lands of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains
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