2019 – We are in for a promising Year

2019 promises to be an exciting year! Here are some fun facts:

  • Endeavour enrolments are now 686 students.  This is largely due to having five classes in Year 7, and some additional Year 8 students.
  • We have an additional transportable building on campus.  This is to accommodate our classes while we build new facilities!
  • Building development will add:
    • On the ground level: an additional Food Technology room, a dedicated STEM learning space, a media studio for film production, additional toilets and a new Uniform Shop.
    • On the first floor: a large new Senior Years space that includes learning areas, study and small group conference spaces and a forum space for larger group gatherings.  Look out for information coming soon, on the plans for our additions as we continue grow from strength to strength.
  • The implementation of the NEW Student Action Teams begin this year.  Students have nominated to be part of teams that have opportunity for direct action in the College in the areas of Charity and Service Enrichment;  Media, Communication and Event Promotion and Spiritual and Community Building.
  • There is a planned review of the Middle Years curriculum and a new look Senior Years program and structure that will be implemented in 2020!

Our theme for Term 1 is Living Well.  An article published in the Advertiser on January 27 titled ‘Chances are you are richer than you think!’, written by Finance Writer, Anthony Keane stated, ‘in many ways, Australians are among the world’s richest people.  We just need to look beyond our own back yard!’ Being rich he says, is not always about money, but our access to good health care, education and infrastructure. From a global liveability index created by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2018, Adelaide ranked the 10th most liveable city in the world! Even from a money perspective, Australian workers average full time weekly earnings, of just under $1600. That puts us in the top 0.3% of income earners in the world!

As we consider our theme – Living Well, our starting point should be to recognise and appreciate that we are very blessed to live in this country.  We are blessed to have clean water, electricity, medical services, high quality food, a home with all we need, the freedom to voice our opinion, the freedom to worship our God. We do live well!

We do also recognise that life is not always smooth sailing – and at times can be challenging.   To live well at these times we need the support of others in our lives and help from those that are skilled, to help us get back on track.

Living well is about keeping perspective in our lives and appreciating the gifts we have and making the most of them. Keeping perspective is about looking beyond our own back yard. By doing this we realise that our lives may not always be as bad as they seem.  It may also encourage us to find ways that we can help others less fortunate than ourselves, even if they are in our rich country!

The Vision for Learning focus for 2019 is Shared Responsibility – and this focus also ties strongly with Living Well.  Each student is responsible for their learning! Each student is responsible to ensure that those around them can learn. Staff are there to ensure students are given the best possible stimulus, guidance, support and encouragement to achieve their best and parents add balance to support at home, providing an environment to relax, get enough sleep to repair our bodies and recover, to study and have fun!  Our shared responsibility will ensure we all live well and thrive this year.


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