The Endeavour Way

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Student Engagement Policy

Through an emphasis on student welfare and positive attitudes and behaviour in relationships, Endeavour College aims to promote the emotional, social and spiritual development of the student as an individual within the community.

At Endeavour we are committed to a core set of values in relation to the development of student engagement and behaviour known as The Endeavour Way and The Endeavour Way in Action which reflect living and learning in Grace:

The Endeavour Way is:

LOVE it’s about reflecting the unconditional LOVE of God by showing respect, compassion and kindness in our relationships.

COURAGE it’s about accepting that it takes COURAGE to own our behaviour, take responsibility for our actions and share our experiences with others.

FORGIVENESS it’s about showing FORGIVENESS and acceptance towards ourselves and others with grace.

HOPE it's about resolving issues in a way which brings HOPE to our relationships and instills faith in our capacity to fulfil our God-given abilities.

The aims of this College’s Student Engagement Policy are:

  • To assist students to develop their own inner, self-motivating framework to enable them to become lifelong learners with the skills to understand themselves and others and to change the way they live, behave and relate.
  • To serve the central purpose of the College,education, by providing an orderly environment where everyone can be happy and safe and learn effectively.
  • To foster and allow student holistic wellbeing and development of respectful and positive relationships.

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